Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Bluetooth file transfer in Ubuntu

gnome-obex-server is a nice little app which lets you easily transfer files between your pc and your bluetooth device such as a phone. You can get it from Add/Remove Applications menu, just search for 'bluetooth file sharing'. Gutsy comes with another bluetooth manager installed but I prefer this one because I find it easier to use.
The app is listed on the Accessories menu. To transfer a file to your bluetooth device simply right click on the file and select "send to...", you'll then be presented with the following window:

Select your device and click send, that's it. Sending a file to your pc is just as easy, you can set it to automatically accept transfers from your devices. When a file is transferred to your pc you'll see this window:

There is no option to set the visibility of your computer with this program so once your finished transferring files simply exit the app.

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