Thursday, 13 December 2007


Crimebloc is an online mafia game set in present day eastern Europe. The aim of the game is to get rich and rise up through the ranks by doing various crimes.
You start off as a loner and work your way up by doing petty crimes, once you have enough money you can start or join organised crimes. You get together with three other players and do either a kidnapping or go on a smuggle run. Organised crimes give you money and rank. As you go up through the ranks the easier it gets to make more money.
There are a lot of ways to make money in the game, you could trade in stocks, gamble in casino's(not the best way to make money), be a pic maker and sell your pictures to others or you can just scam people into giving you money. You can also own properties such as casino's and get very rich off them.
Killing is also part of the game, if you don't like someone you can shoot them or place a bounty on them. The higher the rank someone is the harder it is to kill them. You can also join or start your own crew. The game is very addictive and has a large player base.



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