Friday, 1 February 2008

Barack Obama

Ever since Bush came into power I have viewed the American political system as a bit of a joke, there seems to be corruption and ineptness everywhere. You only have to look at people like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and even Hillary Clinton to know what I mean. Some of the things they come out with beggars belief, it's like they'll say and do anything to win. You'd expect politics like this from some rogue third world country. Mind you, the politics over here in the UK isn't that great. However, there is one candidate that seems to be different from all the rest. Barack Obama appears to be above the petty politics of some of the others, he is brave enough to stand up against the corruption that has infested American politics. Obama is very popular in the internet and has been doing well in the recent polls. I have found these videos of him while surfing the tubes. The speeches are some of the most inspiring I have seen in a long time. Every country needs a candidate like him.

Barack Obama

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  1. I've mailed him to ask about his ideas on some matters that are important for people in europe and got the kindest mail back from someone of his office.

    We can't vote, but I'm curious how he'll do as president.