Sunday, 24 August 2008

Right Brain or Left Brain

Here is a little trick to determine which side of your brain is dominant. If you see the dancer turning clockwise, like I do, you use more of the right side of your brain and if the dancer is turning anti-clockwise your left side of the brain is more dominant. It's a weird feeling to know that other people are seeing this moving picture differently. However, if you concentrate you can see the dancer go the opposite way. It took me about a minute to do it the first time but the switch is instantaneous. If you can make the dancer turn the opposite way then try this; have two copies of the picture open, hide one and concentrate on the other to make it spin the opposite way to normal. Once you have it spinning in the other direction bring up the second picture of the dancer, you should be able to see the second picture turn in the 'normal' way while the first picture turns the opposite way. This only works while one of the pictures is hidden from view.

It has been shown that the two sides, or hemispheres, of the brain are responsible for different ways of thinking.

Left Brain:
Looks at parts

Right Brain:
Looks at wholes

Please be aware that this method of identifying lefties and righties is not very accurate, the brain is a lot more complicated, but it's fun though. Let me know which way the dancer spins for you.
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