Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google Chrome Browser

Google has released a comic to tell you about the browser its been working on, you can see the comic here. Chrome, as its been called, is based on the open source Webkit engine. Google claims to have created a browser for the 21st century with a fresh view on security, stability and speed.

Some of the features of the new browser include:

New JavaScript engine called V8

V8 is a JavaScript Virtual Machine built from scratch to improve browser speed and performance. As well as reducing bloat, chrome will allow you to view the performance of web pages and plug-ins, the process manager will let you see how much resource is being used by a particular component.

The browsers available now are all single threaded applications, chrome on the other hand will run every component and tab as a separate process. The modular nature will improve stability; if one of the tabs or components crashes it will not take the entire browser down.

The best thing about V8 is that it's open source and independent of the browser itself. This means that other browsers and developers can use it.

Tabs and 'Omnibox'

Tabs is not a new feature, however as mentioned above, each tab in chrome will be independent with its own address bar dubbed 'Omnibox' by Google. The address bar will feature smart auto-completion and search capabilities. Unlike Firefox, the tabs in chrome will be above the address bar and every time you open a new tab you will be presented with a page with 9 of your most visited websites along with other bookmarked sites.

The above feature is similar to Opera's 'speed dial'.

There is a privacy feature called 'incognito' which will allow you to surf without storing any information such as cookies.

Enhanced Security

Google has made security its top priority for chrome. As well as running each component separately, each tab will also be sandboxed to prevent malware from installing itself. Each process will run with least privileges to prevent them accessing sensitive areas.

A lot of people have been criticizing the look of the browser but I like it, it's very simple and elegant and I like the colour blue(as you can probably tell from my site).

Google plans to release a beta version of the browser tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it out. Check out the links below for more info.

Google Blog
Chrome comic
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